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Part 1 - 00:29:47
Part 2 - 00:28:14
Part 3 - 00:35:03
Part 4 - 00:41:46

Crafted By

Shawn Random

Casting and Performance
Directed By
Yolanda Laverde

CHEREL, BERNICE - Socorro Jones
DIRECTOR - Korey Simeone
DOMINIC - Shaun Ritter
MARCUS, DONALD - David Bregman

KILEY - Yolanda Laverde
LAURA, MICHELLE - Emily Martin
LISA STROUB - Janelle Meghan
MAN #2, DANIEL - AJ Guest
MEAGAN - Shayna Spielman
RHONDA - York Whitaker
SIARA, SUSAN - Theresa Falco
WENDY - Hayley Jade Jones
BRANDON- Charles Chudabala
BRI - Hayley Jade Jones
CAROLINA RIVIARA - Yolanda Laverde
NARRATOR - Shawn Random
CASSIDY - Tiffany Stiger
JASON - Christopher Whiteford
KADIE, REBECCA - Rukmini Filpi
BEN - Ari Huber
MARIA, ASHLEY - Ferdelle Capistrano
MARSHAL - Leo Atilano
DEVON - KC Okoro
VINCE, MAN #1 - Morrison James
JESSICA - Patty Kelley
LUEY - Foster Manley
MARTIN, CUPID - Martin Zimmerman

Background sounds, Atmosphere, and SFX
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Freesound - Alexandria Traffic 2 by MayaButi
Freesound - Audience.wav by Tetrisrocker
Freesound - audience applause.mp3 by BritG
Freesound - Audience ApplauseClapping by FynFyn
Freesound - aww.wav by phmiller42
Freesound - aww-cute-reaction by vahdena
Freesound - behind first line of confrontation against riot
Freesound - Bin_Knocked_Over.wav by Galbenshire
Freesound - Body fall 2.wav by deleted_user_2104797
Freesound - Book Pages Variations by Piggimon
Freesound - Car Breaking Skid 01.wav by Medartimus
Freesound - Car Crash by squareal
Freesound - Cardboard box small dropped onto soft surface, h
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Freesound - Fight - fighting men by vedas
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Freesound - City Noise Inside Apartment.wav by Joao_Janz
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Freesound - Door, Front, Closing, A.wav by InspectorJ
Freesound - Door, Front, Opening, A.wav by InspectorJ
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Freesound - seagulls by Eelke
Freesound - Stuff knocking over 2.wav by bigmanjoe
Freesound - Wooden Door.wav by vero.marengere
Regular Program Interruption (Transition Effect)
Freesound - 43-Giggles-consolidated.wav by DSA98
Freesound - airport terminal gate lounge Dorval Montreal, Ca
Freesound - cavernous waiting area.wav by cognito perceptu
Freesound - City Traffic (Outdoor).wav by embracetheart
Freesound - Dance classes.wav by barcelonetasonora
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Freesound - giggle3.wav by Reitanna
Freesound - giggle4.wav by Reitanna
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Freesound - Ambience, Large Crowd, A.wav by InspectorJ
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Freesound - woman fighting.wav by drotzruhn
Freesound - Whoo2.wav by ehohnke

Background Music
Deep Cinematic Emotional Ambient (Royalty Free_Music Licensing)
Uplifting Upbeat Energetic Instrumental (Royalty Free_Music Licensing)
Heavenly Romantic Royalty Free Music 2019 _No Copyright library youtube
FREE_ Acoustic Guitar Instrumental Beat 2019 _15 (Backing Track for Singing and Rapping in G)
chime Freesound - 06741 good news magic ding.wav by Robinhood76
FORGOTTEN _ Sad Guitar Beat _ Emotional Hip Hop Instrumental _ Free Emo Rap Beat
Freesound - News Show Loop by DDmyzik
Freesound - music elevator by Jay_You
Freesound - Podcast Jingle by plasterbrain
Uplifting Cinematic Background Music
ROYALTY FREE Travel Pop Music _ Travel Video Background Royalty Free Music by MUSIC4VIDEO
Kadys radio in BG    _Light_ - Positive Uplifting Rap Beat _ Free Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2018 _ Ihaksi _Instrumentals
Fantasy Medieval Music Instrumental No Copyright - EPIC MUSIC NO COPYRIGHT - Folk, Traditional
Music Hip Hop Rap 🎧 Romantic 💕 youtube songs for videos BEAT 💖 Love Instrumental FAIRY TALE 🧚‍♀️
Sad Cinematic Background Music For Videos and Films _ Sadness by AShamaluevMusic
News   Freesound - In Other News by code_box
No Copyright Epicness Cinematic Drama Music by Musicology
Pop Instrumental _No Copyright Sound_ _FREE USE MUSIC_ - Jay Someday - Closer
ROYALTY FREE Epic Political Campaign Presidental Background Music Royalty Free by MUSIC4VIDEO
Upbeat Love Background Music (No Copyright) _ Free Romantic Music _